Client Representative

Being a Client Representative allows Véronique Bienvenu to combine her two passions - a love of everything technical and for building relationships with people

February 1, 2019 - rkind

Véronique Bienvenu, an Atlas Survey Client Representative, was told nearly 30 years ago that because she was a woman she would never work offshore. She laughs looking back at those early days, saying that working onshore was actually much more difficult. “I have never had a problem. Working at sea is like a dream. It is always a very positive environment.” Read More
5 QUESTIONS - Client Representative

January 12, 2014 - brooijendijk

“You are interacting daily on a variety of levels, so personality counts and diplomacy whilst pressing the clients aims is a must. It’s all about maintaining flexibility and managing challenges and expectations daily. Those that consider it an easy role to undertake should understand it is not quite your average 12 hour shift!” Read More