Progressing through the ranks

Meet Paul Philpott (39), a British professional who specialises in the field of Offshore Survey & Construction. Throughout his career, Paul’s skills have developed tremendously. After graduating as a Structural Engineer and later completing a MSc Hydrography, in 2000, Paul starts working offshore. Today, he holds a hybrid-position as Party Chief / Reporting Surveyor / Data Processor.

Paul has had many interesting experiences in all his positions. “Whether it was the location or the job at hand, the work has been varied, at times challenging, and every project has had different hurdles to overcome – making each unique,” Paul says. “This diversity helps to retain my interest in the field.” Paul has been part of many different projects, from working as a Processing Surveyor on Gradiometer data that had to be processed to identify and investigate a WWII mine in the Thames Estuary, to projects in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska – which is unique in itself.

Yes, when scanning Paul’s resume one can immediately notice its great diversity, especially the abundance of courses and certificates he has obtained throughout his career. Paul says that training courses contribute to continuing professional development goals, thereby increasing the clients’ appetites to request professionals for projects and jobs. Paul states that “For me, work has been plentiful. Over the eight years I have been working through Atlas, they have never failled to deliver enough skilled work across the globe, even during slow periods in the industry.”

Paul is happy with the operations staff at Atlas: “They are extremely resourceful and very helpful in logistics and personnel movements offshore. You always feel the support of the office in all aspects. The chemistry works; from my own personal experience, it’s been an amazing eight-year team effort by everyone at Newquay.” Paul feels the approach Atlas is currently taking, “will lead them into 2014 with increasing success.”