Processing Geophysicist Emily Buck

“I really like working for Atlas. The paperwork is kept to a minimum, there have been no hassles”, says Emily Buck,who graduated from the University of Wyoming, with a BS in Geology. She’s worked for Atlas as a Processing Geophysicist since January 2011. “The team in Cornwall takes really good care of me. They are kind and professional. All I have to do is worry about doing the job itself. Everything else has been taken care of for me. The compensation is generous, but it's the lack of hassle that I appreciate the most.”
“Now I am working aboard Carolyn Chouest, processing seismic node data. It’s very different from streamer and conventional land data, in that everything is done in the receiver domain instead of shot domain or CDP domain. It takes some time to wrap your mind around, but I'm happy to get to see data from a new perspective.”


“These nodes also have four components, a hydrophone and three orthogonal geophones. I think someone with a background in both land and marine seismic has an advantage when it comes to four component work, for that reason. I've also had to learn about clocks, since each node has its own clock and there's not a system-wide time stamp on everything like you have in conventional land or streamer work. This has also been an opportunity for me to learn Landmark's SeisSpace software, which is a lot more powerful and fun to use than other processing software I've had experience with. When I encounter technical problems, Fairfield's onshore data processors and hardware people are exceptionally helpful and supportive. It's been a rich learning experience for me.”


“My favorite things about my job are being at sea and having a lot of time off. I've grown up in the Rocky Mountains, and not spent much time around the water. As soon as I started to work at sea, I knew that I'd been missing something very important in my life. If I didn't have so much time off, I might not be able to take advantage of all the opportunities for adventure that come my way. The most exciting thing to happen at work recently is that I've developed a strong relationship with the marine crew of the Carolyn Chouest. They are helping me towards getting my AB license from the US Coast Guard, and teaching me about navigation and piloting. It’s important for me to get out from behind my desk every so often, so when they need help with a needle gunning, painting, or cleaning project, I welcome the opportunity.”

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