Mick Mcgarry, trainer inexperienced crewmembers

"During my time offshore I found underwater video inspection equipment is essential on multi streamer vessels and it soon became my niche", says Mick Mcgarry, 44 year old and British, but living in St John's (Newfoundland) with Norwegian spouse and co worker, Kjersti and Ryan, his son of seven. "Spotting potential problems with underwater rigging in the early stages can minimize downtime dramatically. A camera mounted below a small watercraft is used to make a short video of in water equipment and later transferred to the mother vessel for closer inspection."

Mick is machine fitter by trade and military instructor for eight years serving with the British Army - Artillery and Engineers. Since 2002 he has resided in Canada and worked for Atlas Seistech since 2005. He proceeds: "Atlas Seistech gave me the opportunity for a flexible work schedule. Initially I had asked Seistech to keep me busy during Newfoundland's icy winters and return to my seasonal business during the summer months which they gladly fulfilled. Today, I try to work a regular rotation of five weeks on and off giving ample daddy time in Canada."


"During the last ten years I have worked for numerous seismic companies in a variety of countries, Brazil, Suriname, West Africa, Canada, Norway, India and the Gulf of Mexico, which is my second home. My role for Atlas Seistech has changed, initially I was expected to fill in short term as an experienced mechanic. As the seismic market picked up again and the market flooded with new builds, my role turned into training inexperienced crewmembers in deployment and retrieval of seismic streamers/gun arrays and setting up new vessels in shipyards."


"Expectations of the seismic mechanic can be high. With the vessel in production, hundreds of kilometres from land with limited resources, innovation and diversity are expected. A thorough understanding of seismic high pressure compressors is a must. We are expected to deal with a variety of problems including mechanical, pneumatic, electrical and hydraulic. In addition, an experienced freelancer is expected to troubleshoot gun controller software issues, plan and implement maintenance schedules, operate cranes during supply vessel transfers and workboat/FRC coxswain during routine maintenance of deployed equipment. Atlas offers me security and flexibility; in return, I try to offer and all round package for any company looking for an experienced mechanic and peace of mind for the management. Last but not least: Enjoy every day and keep one eye on Mother Nature. Too many close call incidents keep me on my toes during seismic operations."