5 QUESTIONS - Hydrographic Engineer

Atlas Professional Lee Baldwin

Why this position, and why this industry?

“Initially, it was the money and the work rotation schedule that attracted me. The explorative side is another thing that appeals to me, as does the great long-term job security. Further, I like the mentality that, to me, is the same as in the armed forces: achieving goals and aims – but obviously under better hse conditions. What keeps me going is  the money and the project variations; every job is different: the vessels, the locations, the duration and the equipment. There's always something new to learn.”

How would you describe your job?

“As incredibly interesting. Mainly, this has to do with the diversity of the projects.  Also, the working environment and the personnel are very professional.  The continuous focus on achieving goals keeps you sharp and always eager to improve. You don’t want to let anyone down. In terms of tasks and responsibilities, I am quite happy, but this year I will focus on a higher position.”

And the Offshore Survey & Construction industry?

“The work attitude of all involved, the work area, the planning, and preparation – it’s all really professional, which encourages one to aspire to be the best and to do the best one can. I also like the safe environment, the work-hard-play-hard mindset, and the open-mindedness and transparency in expressing and listening to new and better ideas. Finally, it’s typical of this industry that people encourage the next generation of offshore guys by sharing experience and expertise.”

Thinking of progressing your career?

“Yes, definitely. I want to become a Party Chief, and eventually progress to a Client Representative. I used to feel I needed to gain more experience, but now I know I’m ready. I would like Atlas to offer and advise the right courses, and to help find positions for me in these rolls. I realise that I would first have to take a pay cut to get on the ladder, but once on it I know I can keep climbing.

What have the highlights been so far?

“I especially enjoyed a challenging job at Fugro last year. In addition to my regular work, I was focused on improving  safety. I also enjoy the money, the freedom, and the many moments when I could use my experience to advise and help younger personnel or young, inexperienced companies.”