5 QUESTIONS - Geophysicist

Atlas Professional Andrey Kravchenko

Why this position, and why this industry?

“I have a good salary, and I’m offered the opportunity to travel through different seas and countries. Another advantage of this work is the compensation period you get after being away from home for long consecutive periods. It allows you to spend a lot of free time at home. The only minus is that job offers aren’t stable throughout the year.”

How would you describe your job?

“I would say it differs from day to day and project to project. I am a quality control or full seismic data processor onboard the vessels, sometimes both. Sometimes I am member of a team, at other times I work alone. If I work in a team, there is a schedule that says you work for twelve hours, after which you can rest for the same number of hours. If I’m alone onboard, a shift can take up to 16 to 18 hours a day, depending on the project problems.”

And the Offshore Survey & Construction industry?

“I think this industry will keep growing every year. I also believe that sea-based exploration projects will be key to the future of our civilisation.”

Thinking of progressing your career?

“I would certainly like to continue developing my present role and move up to the role of client representative in seismic surveys. I would appreciate Atlas’ guidance in this.”

What have the highlights been so far?

“All the jobs I've got through Atlas completely satisfied me. The best one was a three month trip onboard the survey vessel ‘Kommandor Jack’ in the North Sea.”