5 QUESTIONS – Hydrographic Surveyor

Atlas Professional Jonathan Kingston

Why this position, and why this industry?

“My main motivation is certainly family, something I would regard as the most important aspect of my life. From my drive for family comes the desire to succeed and further my career. Hydrographic survey has been the focus of my career since my university days. After more than 20 years of being in the Surveying and Geomatics industry, Atlas has assisted in taking me further in my career and helping me work towards establishing greater and more interesting career objectives.”

How would you describe your job?

“Some of the work I have done with Atlas has been very interesting and challenging—certainly the work on the Dimensional Control side of the industry, where I want to do more. My last assignment with DOF Subsea in Singapore was excellent. It was hard work, but rewarding, as it provided me with new challenges. The tasks and responsibilities on this job were more than I expected, but I’m confident I met them and provided Atlas' client with high-quality and efficient work. The pay for this work was certainly pleasing.”

And the Offshore Survey & Construction industry?

“It can be challenging, also unsafe at times, and there is always a cowboy or two. Safety is always a factor, one often ignored on high pressure projects where the client or contractor is pushing for maximum production. I prefer to work with professional and experienced people who are calm under pressure and lead by example. I certainly try to do the same.”

Thinking of progressing your career?

“Yes, I would certainly like to continue developing my career with Atlas. The work I did with DOF subsea in Singapore is the kind of work I will be looking for (Dimensional Control Surveyor/Client Representative). I would sometimes appreciate it if Atlas could give some feedback on our work performance and offer suggestions for improvement. Unfortunately, because of many factors such as time constraints, work conditions, and safety, the work place is not always a happy one, so it is nice when valued, good work opportunities arise. One would, of course, like to focus on those and progress from there. Certainly, guidance  from the senior, knowledgeable Atlas staff would be valued. I will be looking to fill Client Representitive-type roles in the future, although more on the side of survey using the engineering/land based techniques common to dimensional control work.”

What have the highlights been so far?

“I would say the work with DOF Subsea as well as the WODS project with Boskalis. I enjoyed working with the Shell/Cameron/Dyna-mac team in Singapore.”